Laboratory Aids

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Lab Consumables:

HiMedia mission is to produce quality products and ensure quality services. We are pioneer in the supply of laboratory consumables used within Microbiology, Molecular Biology & Cell Culture. Whether your needs are culture flasks, dishes, tubes, plates, chambers, microplates, roller bottles, filters, pipette tips or film, you can be assured of finding what you need. We focus on the requirements of our customers, and offer a wide range of suitable accessories and know-how to implement your wishes exactly. We can offer you an extremely wide range of products: anything from a simple disposable flexiloop to cryogenic storage box.

Pipette Tips:

A pipette is a laboratory tool used to transport a measured volume of liquid. Pipettes are most commonly used in molecular biology, analytical chemistry as well as medical tests. HiMedia offers a wide range of micro dispensers, micro pipettes, pipettors and innovative liquid handling tools catering to a different customer segment. Many of our product innovations set new standards for precision, safety and ease of use. We pursue a total approach philosophy extending beyond products with quality pipette calibration, adjustment, maintenance and repair services. We are offering high quality micropipettes that ensure accurate and precise delivery of liquid in any kind of laboratory function. Our micropipettes and tips are designed after careful study of the needs, desires and specification requirement of end user working in diverse type of laboratory world over. The micro-tips have been perfectly matched to pipettes. This results in consistently reduced tip attachment and ejection forces, while ensuring complete sealing.

Lab Equipments:

HiMedia is a trusted name in the field of scientific and laboratory equipment around the globe. We are the supplier and exporter of air purifier systems, air sampler systems, colony counters, electric sterilizer. You will most certainly be able to find the right thing to meet your needs.

Professional Disinfectant:

Disinfectants and sanitizers are chemicals used to rapidly inactivate microorganisms on inanimate surfaces. In the context of invasive procedures or in asceptic production areas, the microbial presence needs to be curtailed. This is what we refer as Bioburden, which must be limited with deliberate efforts where human life is at stake. To achieve this objective, HiMedia has precisely designed the range of professional disinfectants such as Hand sanitizer, Sanitary & Floor disinfectants, Air disinfectant, Equipment disinfectant & cleaning solutions. Our professional disinfectant provides superior cleaning with the speed, compatibility and cost effective solution for disinfection.

Anaerobic System & Accessories:

Anaerobic system is the energy system which provides energy in the absence of oxygen. These anaerobic systems are widely applicable in the microbiological laboratories for the culturing of anaerobe microorganisms. To achieve these anaerobic conditions, HiMedia has designed & developed the most convenient, rapid & cost effective anaerobic systems such as anaerobic jar system, bag system, box system and anaerobic system accessories. The Anaerobic Accessories include anaerobic tablet indicator, anaerogas pack, sterile anaero bags etc.,


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